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Music4you is the brand name for luxury hotel breaks run by Chris & Joanne Powell in some of the UK’s top resort hotels and featuring some of the finest keyboard/organ players and entertainers. With the gradual demise of some club venues and concert establishments; the 3 and 4 night events offer a way for fans of the music to come together in luxury surroundings with fine dining along with the chance to meet up with friends (along with meeting new ones!) from around the country and enjoy the fabulous concert sessions etc from the star artistes....

Savoy Hotel

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Moving further north and east brings us to the Savoy Hotel in Skegness; which is one of the premier 4* venues on the fabulous Lincolnshire Coast. A multi million pound refurbishment a few years ago, resulting in an absolutely fantastic end result. This event co-hosted with close friend and colleague ‘Matthew Bason’ offers one of the most ‘fun packed’ and friendly weekend breaks on the popular organ and keyboard scene.

Delta Hotels - Warwick

Heading completely inland finds us in one of the most easily accessible locations; that of Warwick... Just a stone’s throw from Shakespeare’s Stratford, the 4* Warwick Hilton offers all the luxury and amenities that one would expect from this leading top flight hotel chain. This very popular late summer weekend break is noted for being so easy to get to with its location being right beside the M40 motorway making visiting from either London, Midlands or northern localities extremely easy. Once again, fine dining, a not to be missed programme of artistes and the chance to drive out and enjoy the stunning Cotswold scenery or the olde worlde delights of either Warwick Castle or Stratford Upon Avon make this the perfect event for an August get away.
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Chris and Joanne are your hosts for all of the events and love to be ‘among the crowd’ and spending their time with all our dear musical friends. Superb sound and lighting is managed by Pete Shaw at most events and by Daniel Watt at Skegness. There is a packed programme of events each day from the close of breakfast through to bedtime – with at least 2 concert sessions from each guest artiste, quizzes, dancing (where possible) guest talent competitions and also the chance to indulge in some of the excellent recordings and merchandise available from the guest artistes.

Joanne is at hand for deep tissue massage sessions, she is fully qualified in this along with Reiki, Acupressure etc asides from being one of the UK’s finest concert and dance organists.

Please feel free to get in touch with us for further information relating to any of these holiday breaks; booking forms can be downloaded here and as always, along with the hotels, we aim to try and guarantee any diet or other special requests that any of our guests may have.

At the time of going to press, all of the hotels are working closely with the relevant local/national authorities to implement strict Covid 19 measures. As such, we wish to ensure our guests of a safe stay whilst not in any way detracting from the famed music/friendship that we have built up across each event.

Come and join us and be a part of our dear festival family! We present the finest organists/ keyboard players & entertainers on the circuit, the finest food and accommodation, along with a professional presentation and most importantly a warm welcome and hospitality. Our priority is your enjoyment, pleasure and opportunity to create special memories of a first class time with us at Music4You.

Some Photos From Our Previous Events

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